Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Teen Scene Decor

As a designer, I am drawn towards bright, fun and vibrant colors. While my clients don't always let me use these kinds of palettes in their home, the one place I usually get to use them is when I'm decorating their children's rooms!

In my opinion, the most whimsical rooms I get to work on seem to be kids' rooms because basically anything goes! They can be played up with fun fabrics for younger kids, soft sophisticated ones for teenagers or a mix for both. While searching on Houzz today, I came across this amazing neon lit sign in a teenage lounge for a home, which reads "you only live once". 

It is functional because this would be a great room for friends to gather, do homework, and have their own space to feel like young adults without being to kiddish in design.  The color palette is playful and I love the way that the pictures are organized into a heart shape, adds that extra whimsical touch. Probably one of the toughest parts about designing a kid's room is that you want the child to not grow out of it within a year or two, especially if you are doing custom window treatments, bedding, etc. I always suggest to clients that if they are doing a teenagers room to make sure that they aren't going to be selecting anything too juvenile that they will not be able to grow into as a young adult.

What are you looking for when you're redesigning a space for your young adult? Let me know! 

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Until next time, make sure everyday you do something kreative!